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Maternity and Children
Maternity and Children

Maternity & Children Quality Improvement Collaborative (MCQIC)

The Maternity and Children Quality Improvement Collaborative (MCQIC) oversees/encompasses the activity of the Scottish Patient Safety Programme's maternity, neonatal and paediatric strands.  Its overall aim is to improve outcomes and reduce inequalities in outcomes by providing a safe, high quality care experience for all women, babies and families in Scotland.  MCQIC was launched in March 2013.

A MCQIC success story makes the front page of the 2015-2016 Healthcare Improvement Scotland Annual Report. Read more here.

The Scottish Patient Safety Programme (SPSP) adopts the Breakthrough Series Collaborative Model in delivering six learning sessions interspersed with action periods. Action periods are described as the times between learning sessions where local teams are undertaking small tests of change to bring about improvement in care provision.  As part of the SPSP, the Collaborative uses the improvement methodology tool - The Model for Improvement (PDF, 2MB) - to support testing and implementing changes.  The Collaborative holds a national learning session every six months where the three communities come together to share and learn from each other.


There is an overall MCQIC Driver Diagram (PDF, 0.3MB) and the maternity, neonatal and paediatric strands each have their own driver diagrams which map out the theory of improvement for NHS boards to use across Scotland.  The latter can be found under their respective ‘Tools and Resources’ sections. 

You can learn more about the collaborative's achievements here. (link to You Tube)


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