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Maternity Care
Maternity Care

Maternity Care

The Maternity Care strand aims to support clinical teams in Scotland to improve the quality and safety of maternity healthcare.  The overall aims of the Maternity Care strand are to: 


  • increase the percentage of women satisfied with their experience of maternity care to > 95% by 2015, and
  • reduce the incidence of avoidable harm in women and babies by 30% by 2015.

Avoidable harm is defined by the further sub aims to:

  • reduce stillbirths and neonatal mortality by 15%
  • reduce severe post-partum haemorrhage (PPH) by 30%
  • reduce the incidence of non-medically indicated elective deliveries prior to 39 weeks gestation by 30%
  • offer all women carbon monoxide (CO) monitoring at the booking for antenatal care appointment
  • refer 90% of women who have raised CO levels or who are smokers to smoking cessation services, and
  • provide a tailored package of antenatal care to all women who continue to smoke during pregnancy.

To achieve this, MCQIC is using the Breakthrough Series Collaborative Methodology that involves six-monthly national learning events followed by ‘action periods’ for boards to progress the work within their clinical areas.  In addition, frontline staff are supported through regular networking events and monthly WebEx calls.  Dedicated community sites have also been established on the Knowledge Network, providing a range of tools and resources for frontline staff.

A key element of monitoring and guiding improvements is the use of data.  All units are collecting and using local data to drive improvements.

Additional information and resources can be found below and on the SPSP Maternity Care community site. (N.B. Access to this portal requires registration and is currently available to NHS Scotland staff only).

Lynne’s story

A mum’s personal story that demonstrates how MCQIC is improving outcomes for mothers and babies.

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