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Paediatric Care
Paediatric Care

Paediatric Care

The Paediatric Safety Programme was established in summer 2009 and aims to support paediatric staff in Scotland to improve the quality and safety of paediatric healthcare.  This programme has been aligned and integrated with the Scottish Patient Safety Programme to develop a sustainable infrastructure for quality improvement throughout NHS boards in Scotland.

The Paediatric Programme was launched on 17 June 2010 and the aims, goals and measures developed prior to distribution to the wider paediatric community, along with an introduction to the improvement methodology.  Following restructure in 2012/13, the Paediatric Care strand now forms part of the Maternity & Children Quality Improvement Collaborative (MCQIC).

The key objective of the Paediatric Care strand is to reduce avoidable harm by 30% by December 2015. One of the mechanisms used to demonstrate this is the Paediatric Serious Harm Key Indicators, developed from the Cincinnati Children's Hospital model. The infrastructure to support this has been established in NHS boards and data reporting has commenced. 

The areas of focus for paediatric care are:

  • Serious safety events
  • Ventilator associated pneumonia
  • Central venous catheter blood stream infection
  • Unplanned admission to intensive care
  • Medicines harm, and
  • Child protection harm.
Paediatric Care

To support the reduction of harm in acute care settings for adolescents, children and infants, there is also a focus on the identification and appropriate treatment of the deteriorating patient, the development of a national Paediatric Early Warning Score (PEWS), and the development of a sepsis bundle.

Additional information and resources can be found below and on the SPSP Paediatric Care community site while paediatric measures (prefixed ‘PPD’) are available for Teams to access on the IHI Extranet (N.B. Some features of the community site may only be available to NHSScotland staff. Access to IHI Extranet is open and free to all after initial registration).

Improving sepsis recognition and management in the paediatric care in NHS Grampian.


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