Maternity Care
Maternity Care

Maternity Care

*** SPSP Maternity Care Networking Event ***

We are hosting a maternity care networking event on Wednesday 10 October in Dundee. To find out more see our flyer and visit the event section of this website (October). 

The Maternity Care strand aims to support clinical teams in Scotland to improve the quality and safety of maternity healthcare. The overall aim is to reduce the incidence of avoidable harm and acute maternal morbidity in women and babies by 30% by March 2019.

Avoidable harm is defined by the further sub aims to:
reduce stillbirths by 35%
reduce neonatal mortality by 15% (shared aim with the neonatal care programme)
reduce severe postpartum haemorrhage (PPH) by 30%
reduce hypoxic–ischaemic encephalopathy by 30%, and
increase vaginal birth by 15%.

To achieve this, MCQIC uses the Breakthrough Series Collaborative Model. Networking events are held every six months to encourage sharing and learning. These are interspersed with action periods, when local teams undertake small tests of change to improve care.

The Model for Improvement is used to support testing and implementing changes. Frontline staff are also supported through monthly WebEx sessions.

A key element of monitoring and guiding improvements is the use of data. All units are collecting and using local data to drive improvements.

A range of tools and resources for frontline staff, including the measurement plan, can be found in the SPSP Members’ Area and Tools and Resources below.

Lynne’s story
A mum’s personal story that demonstrates how MCQIC is improving outcomes for mothers and babies.

WebEx Presentations and Recordings
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