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Neonatal Care
Neonatal Care

Neonatal Care

The Neonatal Care strand forms part of the Maternity & Children Quality Improvement Collaborative (MCQIC); following the involvement of all local NHS boards in a Short-Life Neonatal Working Group, a clinically-directed quality improvement plan has been designed.

All NHS boards and key stakeholders are represented on the Neonatal Clinical Reference Group.  This group will support the operational delivery of this work by assisting NHS boards to improve the quality and safety of neonatal healthcare.

The key objective of the Neonatal Care strand is to achieve a 30% reduction in avoidable harm in Neonatal Services by December 2015 by seeking to reduce:

  • harm from mechanical ventilation
  • harm from invasive lines
  • high risk medicines
  • harm from transitions of care, and
  • undetected deterioration

and also to:

  • increase natural feeding, and
  • ensure service user engagement.


neonatal care
To achieve this, MCQIC is using the Breakthrough Series Collaborative Methodology that involves six-monthly national learning events followed by ‘action periods’ for boards to progress the work within their clinical areas.  In addition, NHS Scotland frontline staff are supported through regular networking events and WebEx calls.  Click here to download the WebEx schedule for April to September 2016. Dedicated community sites have also been established on the Knowledge Network, providing a range of tools and resources for frontline staff.  

A key element of monitoring and guiding improvements is the use of data.  All units are collecting and using local data to drive improvements. 

Additional information and resources can be found below and on the SPSP Neonatal Care community site. (N.B. Some features may only be available to NHSScotland staff.)

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