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Mental Health
Mental Health

Mental Health

The Scottish Patient Safety Programme – Mental Health aims to systematically reduce harm experienced by people receiving care from mental health services in Scotland, by supporting frontline staff to test, gather real-time data and reliably implement interventions, before spreading across their NHS board area.  The work will be delivered through a four year programme, running from September 2012 to September 2016.

The programme has two phases. Phase One ran from August 2012 to September 2013 and showed excellent engagement from all Health Boards with pilot sites working on the various workstreams across Scotland.  Phase Two began in September 2013 and sees a continuing spread of involvement both within the individual boards in terms of numbers of units involved over and above the pilot sites, and in terms of the number of areas of work being carried out across the workstreams.

An increasing number of wards and units are showing improvements in rates of violence and restraint, seclusion and percentage of individuals self harming.  There are examples of reductions in restraint of up to 64%, reduction in the percentage of patients who self harm of up to 75% and reduction in the rates of violence of up to 80%

What remains equally important is that the excellent work that has been started in the pilot sites is seen to be sustained and developed, and that there is not any likelihood of areas of work simply stopping and other areas being picked up.  The success of the programme will depend upon gradual, sustainable and incremental development of improvement work leading to greater patient safety. 

End of Phase Report

As announced at the 2016 SPSP National Conference the SPSP Mental Health end of phase report has now been published. You can view a copy by clicking on the below picture

Our work programme is centred around five work-streams:

Copies of each workstream driver diagram can be found by clicking on the above picture and in the Tools and Resources tab below

Human Rights Based Approach

The programme has undertaken a Human Rights Based Approach delivery, further details can be found here


Improving Observation Practice

The Scottish Patient Safety Programme – Improving Observation Practice aims to extend and build on existing good practice in mental health services to provide an improved model of person-centred care that can be applied in any healthcare setting.

View the Improving Observation Practice page here

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